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Auto Teuta" is a company founded from 1993 in Prizren. Auto Teuta's activity is selling the reserved part of auto's and commercial auto's.

In our firm you can find the quality parts of german auto's, like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi etc. Castrol Oil, some products from Osram and the other filters from different qualities.

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Auto Teuta

Kompania Gjermane

Ne Auto TEUTA Service makina me e persosur per servisimin e
autoklimave nga kompania e njohur gjermane WURTH.

Hapet AUTO TEUTA Service

Per nder te themelimit te 15 vjetorit te firmes tone eshte
hapur edhe servisi I cili punon ne kuader te firmes ku
klienteve tane u ofrojme edhe sherbime me cilesore per
servisimin e makinave tyre.